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Natural Gas Solutions in Minnesota
for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Natural Gas Product Solutions for Minnesota

Whether you are seeking to take advantage of market opportunities, stabilize your budget, or meet certain price targets, Integrys offers a number of natural gas products to help you manage your risks.

  • Variable Price

    If your company can withstand the energy cost fluctuations of market based prices, consider an index priced solution. Also, if you can manage energy consuming processes to take advantage of lower priced hours, an index product may be right for you.
  • Fixed Price
    If your company seeks a more predictable approach where costs are more certain, consider a fixed price approach.
  • Full Requirements Products
    If your company seeks price certainty and wants to avoid incremental supply and cash out charges, consider a full-requirements product.
  • Managed Products
    If your company wants to choose a method of buying that fits its overall purchasing strategy without having to worry about day-to-day purchasing decisions, consider a managed product.
    • Structured: 12 or 24 month buying horizon; this program price is created by establishing a fixed price each month for a fixed percentage of forecasted use for each month of the program.
    • Proactive: 24 month buying horizon utilizing a concept where purchasing decisions are made using information gathered by energy experts.
    • Statistical: 24 month buying horizon utilizing an analytical risk management tool to indicate when, what quantities and how far into the future a fixed price should be established.
    • Balanced: 12 or 24 month buying horizon which includes a combination of 50% Structured product and 50% prevailing market rates
  • Market Supply
    If your company can withstand energy cost fluctuations and you want to pay market based rates without a volume commitment, consider a market supply product.
  • Capped Solutions (Cap and Slide, Cap and Floor)
    If your company locked in the past only to see the market fall, consider a capped solution that allows you to participate in prevailing market rates with a not-to-exceed price.
  • Swing/Bandwidth Products
    If your company wants some flexibility surrounding contractual quantities and wants to reduce incremental and cash out costs, consider a swing/bandwidth option.

Natural Gas Service Territory in Minnesota

  • CenterPoint Energy
  • Minnesota Energy Resources
  • Xcel Energy

Meeting Your Needs


With so many energy choices, making the right decisions has become a challenge. At Integrys Energy Services, we make it easy for you. Integrys Energy Services is currently one of the leading regional suppliers of commercial, industrial, and residential natural gas and electricity because of price competitiveness, commitment to customer relationships, and national reputation.

By understanding customers’ needs and offering creative competitive solutions, Integrys Energy Services distinguishes itself from its competition and builds upon its existing outstanding reputation.

  • Trusted provider: Is my supplier supporting my needs as the creator of solutions for my company’s energy procurement?
  • Experience: What is the depth of the “know-how” of my supplier?
  • Financial strength: Is my supplier financially stable? Are they here to stay?
  • Product offerings: Does my supplier offer the products that fit my needs?
  • Information: Is my supplier providing me with tools to keep me informed?