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Electricity Solutions in Massachusetts
for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Massachusetts Electricity Product Solutions

You can’t control the market, but you can manage your risks. We can help you manage your electricity costs by providing options not available from your utility or existing supplier.

  • Fixed Energy, Full Requirements
    If your company seeks more predictable energy costs and a fully integrated supply, consider a full requirements solution. A full requirement solution is budget-conscious, with an all-inclusive retail energy fixed unit price .
  • Block and Index
    If your company wants to take advantage of a fixed price and prevailing index market rates at the same time, consider a block and index solution. Block and index allows you to have a fixed energy price for one or more segments of your load while also allowing you to take advantage of prevailing market prices for a segment of your load.
  • Index

    If your company can withstand the energy cost fluctuations of market based prices, consider an index priced solution. Also, if you can manage energy consuming processes to take advantage of lower priced hours, an index product may be right for you.
  • Demand Response (where applicable)
    If your company is willing to curtail electric consumption at peak times in response to market prices, consider participating in a demand response program. The programs handled by our recommended provider have no upfront cost and deliver cash incentives to customers who willingly reduce their electricity consumption during peak times when energy prices are exceptionally high.
  • Renewable Energy Credits (where available)
    If offsetting fossil-fueled electricity generation or supporting renewable energy resources is part of your strategy, then consider our Renewable Energy Credits (where available). Renewable Energy Certificates or “RECs” are an accepted means of achieving beneficial environmental outcomes.

Electricity Service Territory in Massachusetts

  • Boston Edison
  • Cambridge Electric
  • Commonwealth Electric
  • Fitchburg Gas & Electric Company (UNITIL)
  • Massachusetts Electric
  • Nantucket Electric
  • Western Massachusetts Electrict Company (WMECO)

Meeting Your Needs


With so many energy choices, making the right decisions has become a challenge. At Integrys Energy Services, we make it easy for you. Integrys Energy Services is currently one of the leading regional suppliers of commercial, industrial, and residential natural gas and electricity because of price competitiveness, commitment to customer relationships, and national reputation.

By understanding customers’ needs and offering creative competitive solutions, Integrys Energy Services distinguishes itself from its competition and builds upon its existing outstanding reputation.

  • Trusted provider: Is my supplier supporting my needs as the creator of solutions for my company’s energy procurement?
  • Experience: What is the depth of the “know-how” of my supplier?
  • Financial strength: Is my supplier financially stable? Are they here to stay?
  • Product offerings: Does my supplier offer the products that fit my needs?
  • Information: Is my supplier providing me with tools to keep me informed?