Oak Park Electric Aggregation Program from Integrys Energy

Notice to Village of Oak Park Electric Aggregation participants:

This is to inform you that your contract with Integrys Energy Services will be ending with your May meter read. The Village of Oak Park has chosen Constellation to be your new electric aggregation supplier. As such, there will be a gap from when your contract with Integrys ends and your contract with Constellation begins; this will require Integrys to return your electric account to the utility. You should receive a notice from ComEd informing you of your return to the utility. At a later date your account will be enrolled with Constellation, unless you choose to opt-out. Once your account is enrolled with Constellation, ComEd will send you a new letter informing you of your switch to Constellation.

Should you have any questions for Integrys, please contact us toll free at 877-549-6888.

Integrys appreciates the opportunity to serve you and the Village of Oak Park.