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Chicago, Illinois
Electric Aggregation Program from Integrys Energy

City of Chicago Electric Aggregation Program

Congratulations City of Chicago

The City of Chicago’s Electricity Aggregation Program has been underway for more than a year, saving Chicagoans more than $30 million as compared to what they would have paid ComEd. Additionally, all electricity sourced on behalf of the City’s program is from completely coal free resources. As we are always looking for ways for more Chicagoans to benefit from this program, the City and Integrys worked to improve the program’s rate structure.

As an eligible customer, you were automatically enrolled in the program unless you opted-out by August 4, 2014. While ComEd's default rate can change monthly due to the Purchased Electricity Adjustment (PEA), Integrys’ per kWh rate is fixed through May 2015. See Terms and Conditions* for full details.

View Pricing, Terms and Conditions:

To view pricing, as well as your respective Terms and Conditions, please select one of the following. Are you:

you are currently enrolled in the City's aggregation program

you are not currently enrolled in the City's aggregation program

Not Sure?

Not sure on your status? You can find out from your last ComEd bill.

  1. Look at your last ComEd bill.
  2. Find the "Supply" section.
  3. Is Integrys listed as your current supplier?

If yes, you're currently enrolled in the City's program. If no, you're a new customer. See sample bill.

For additional questions please call 888-802-2885 or view the program FAQs.

*To view your respective Terms and Conditions, please choose the appropriate selections under "View Pricing."

Accessibility notice: For individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, you can utilize the nationwide 711 dialing feature to contact Integrys Energy Services. A representative can be reached by anyone by dialing 711 from a telephone or TTY (teletypewriter). For more information about 711, see