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What does this mean to Integrys customers? No changes to service or contracts at this time. We will be merging our companies and processes to ensure seamless service and a postive customer experience. We will keep you informed of our integration progress.

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Chicago, Illinois Electric Aggregation Program from Integrys Energy

December 6, 2013

Dear City of Chicago Customer,

On November 6, 2012, Chicago voters approved a referendum authorizing the City to seek lower electricity rates for eligible residential and small business customers. After receiving prices and service qualifications from retail electric suppliers, the City selected Integrys Energy Services, Inc. to supply electricity to the City's Electric Aggregation Program based on their price, quality of customer service, and ability to source from non-coal resources.

As an eligible City of Chicago customer, you will be automatically enrolled in the program unless you opt out by December 23, 2013. Once enrolled in the program, you can still leave at any time and you will never have to pay any fees associated with joining or leaving the program.

How You Benefit

The City has negotiated a price of 5.589¢/kWh. While ComEd's rates change each June and October, Integrys' rate is stable through May 2014.* Plus, Integrys will source electricity from completely coal free resources. There is no cost or penalty to opt out of the program at any time.

Since the City's Electric Aggregation Program began in February, nearly 800,000 Chicago residents have enrolled and collectively saved tens of millions of dollars as compared to what they would have paid ComEd.

No Change to ComEd Programs such as Budget Billing, Deferred Payment, LIHEAP or PIPP.

Under the City's program, ComEd will still be responsible for delivering your electricity, issuing monthly bills, maintaining electricity lines and meters, responding to outages, and offering bill payment options such budget billing and automatic payment. In addition, low income assistance programs – such as LIHEAP and PIPP – will continue undisturbed.

Three things you should know:

  • If you do nothing, you will be automatically enrolled in the City's Program.
  • ComEd will continue sending monthly bills, responding to outages, and delivering your electricity.
  • No one from the City's program will ever come to your door or call you to ask you to switch to a new supplier. Anyone who comes to your door or calls you asking you to switch is not with the City's program.

Sourced from Non-Coal and IL Wind Farms:

Integrys will source electricity from completely coal free resources, and Integrys will also comply with the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard. In addition, 5% of the electricity provided to Chicago residents and small businesses through the program will be generated by Illinois wind farms.*

Stable Rate for Term of Contract:

Your contract term for the City's Electric Aggregation Program is your February 2014 meter read through your May 2015 meter read. While ComEd's rates will continue to change each June and October, Integrys' rates are stable through May 2014. Customers can expect to see Integrys' low rate on their electricity bills beginning as soon as March 2014, depending on enrollment date. Although the City and Integrys have not finalized a rate for May 2014 through May 2015 meter reads, Integrys has agreed to meet or beat the ComEd price (plus Program costs) or switch all Program participants back to ComEd. Please see the enclosed Terms and Conditions for full details.

Enrollment Information:

After your enrollment is finalized, ComEd will send you a letter confirming your selection of Integrys Energy Services, Inc. as your electric supplier. As required by law, this letter will inform you of your ability to rescind your enrollment without penalty. Please see the enclosed Terms and Conditions for more information.

No Change if You Have Already Switched to an Alternative Supplier:

If you have recently switched to an alternative retail supplier, you will stay with your supplier unless you opt in to the City's program. If you have already switched to an alternative supplier and would like to opt in to the City's program, please call 888-802-2885.

How to Opt Out:

There is no cost or penalty to opt out of the program at any time, and return to ComEd or switch to an alternative electricity supplier other than Integrys. If you do not wish to participate in the City's Electric Aggregation Program, return the enclosed postcard by December 23, 2013. You may also opt out online at

If you have questions, please review the enclosed Frequently Asked Questions or visit You may also contact Integrys toll-free at 888-802-2885.

Para obtener esta información en español por favor llame por telefono al 888-802-2885 o visite el sitio web en


Mayor Rahm Emanuel City of Chicago

*Integrys Energy Services has supply agreements in place with Illinois wind farms for the Chicago Aggregation Program. These agreements provide a source of physical wind energy for Aggregation Program participants, and support Illinois' wind industry. The agreements do not include any associated Renewable Energy Credits.


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