Natural Gas Statistical Procurement Strategy

The natural gas Statistical Procurement Strategy offers your business a world-class analytical risk management tool that takes the emotion and subjectivity out of buying your energy.

If your company seeks more predictable energy costs and a fully integrated natural gas solution that doesn't require your constant attention, consider our Statistical Procurement Strategy to help make buying your natural gas simpler. This strategy provides a risk management tool to reduce exposure to market volatility and helps you decide when, what amount, and how far ahead you should buy your natural gas

Benefits of the natural gas Statistical Procurement Strategy

  • Simplicity - Statistical analysis tools and models incorporate pre-defined purchase parameters, a long-term purchasing horizon, and a systematic buying approach to mitigate price risks. This simplifies your decision-making process by statistically determining appropriate price targets.
  • Reduced Risk - The Statistical Procurement Strategy continually tracks the market and compares the current market to historical pricing trends. Using this solid statistical analysis, our experienced team of analytics and supply support will buy predetermined volumes as the model signals either to buy at times of opportunity in the market, or to protect at times of peril in the market.
  • Potential Savings Opportunities - Even though it helps insulate against extreme price spikes, the Statistical Procurement Strategy does allow you to participate in downside market opportunities.