Electric Index Price Solutions

Index with Market Sensor* offers your business the ability to contract for your energy at a price indexed to market prices, while putting a strategy in place to be ready for a significant market move.

Recent energy market prices have tended to remain flat and relatively low. The lack of volatility has caused some energy buyers to contract at a price that will simply float with the market, and enjoy the low price environment. While this approach may be working fine for now, having a strategy in place for a major market move - higher or lower - helps prepare you for whatever happens next so you can meet your budget objectives.

Constellation's Index with Market Sensor allows customers to continue to contract at an indexed price and take advantage of the current low price environment, while putting a strategy in place to assist you in reaching your pricing goals should prices rise or fall.


  • Strategy to Prepare You for Market Moves - Power is priced at the index of the regional transmission organization or independent system operator, either Day Ahead or Real Time prices. Pricing reflects system constraints in delivering power to you, the customer. This results in prices that most closely reflect the supply, demand and underlying cost of generation at the time power is delivered to you.
  • Prompt Notification from your Dedicated Account Executive - If your company is in the position of being able to withstand energy cost fluctuations or pass that variability on to your customers, now you can put that advantage to work for you. This is a real opportunity to manage your loads and schedule energy consuming processes and applications during lower priced hours.
  • Flexibility to Meet Your Goals and Objectives - A wide range of Index Solutions are available, from Index Plus, which simply bundles all transmission and retail fees into one charge, to more intricate options where the customer receives each additional transmission component charge.

*Components capable of being fixed may vary by market. Fixed price locks will be subject to credit approval and a signed agreement between the Parties.