Wisconsin Public Service Gas Choice Program

Wisconsin businesses save by switching to Integrys Energy Services

Wisconsin Public Service Gas Choice program allows small and medium commercial, industrial or agricultural customers to select their natural gas supplier. Annual natural gas of more than 5,000 therms is required to participate in the gas choice program.

Under the Gas Choice program, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) will continue to operate and maintain its distribution system, provide emergency services and read your meter.

Natural gas is purchased directly from Integrys Energy Services. In turn Integrys Energy will supply your natural gas and arrange pipeline transportation to your facility, render your monthly bill and collect your payments.

Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural customers with 5000 therms or greater of annual natural gas use

Enrollment Period
The open enrollment period runs annually January 1 through March 1. Approved customers will begin purchasing and supply of their natural gas from Integrys Energy Services on November 1.

Integrys Energy works with several hundred Wisconsin businesses, and tens of thousands of customers around the country, to save money on their natural gas. We have a proven track record for innovative pricing, hands-on customer service and maybe most importantly...integrity.

The "Managed Supply" pricing plan has consistently delivered lower prices compared to utility rates while moderating market volatility.

For more information, call (877) 611-6894.

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