Choose an Electricity Supplier

Prepare to Compare - many Illinois customers are asking similar questions:

  • How can I use the electric open retail access to improve my competitive position?
  • Will this opportunity significantly reduce our operating costs?
  • What does our electric load profile look like and how attractive is it to an alternative electric supplier?
  • Is on-site generation a viable option for our load profile?
  • What are customer transition costs?
  • How much of our electric load and ancillary services should we shop on the open access market?
  • Who are viable and reputable alternative suppliers?
  • What additional procedures must we be involved in if we are supplied by an alternate supplier?
  • How do we compare the utility pricing structure to the alternative supplier pricing structure?
  • What options are available today from our incumbent utility?
  • What are the risks of participating or not participating in open access?
  • These are all excellent questions to ask. The answers will help you understand how to react to potential opportunities within the rapidly changing electric industry. Constellation has followed the electric regulation activity in Illinois very closely and continues to monitor each utility's open retail access program. From our knowledge and experience with electric deregulation, we are prepared to assist customers in navigating through the evolution of deregulation.

Constellation will help you choose a supplier by helping you to understand the following:

  1. Regulated Rate Options: Evaluate all rate options applicable to your facility.
  2. Market Based Utility Options: Evaluate the PPO for the various term length and price scenarios.
  3. Retail Electric Supplier (ARES and RES) Offerings: Obtain and evaluate contract and pricing options from viable and reputable ARES and RES.
  4. Analysis and Summary of Best Electric Supply Alternative: Compare and identify best electric supply alternative from (1), (2), and (3).
  5. Implement Best Electric Supply Alternative: Pursue and complete all the tasks required to obtain Best Electric Supply Alternative.