How to Start Doing Business with Constellation

The intent of this document is to inform SMALL BUSINESS CONCERNS, who desire to conduct business with Constellation or any of its subsidiaries (Constellation and Subs), of a process to introduce the company, its products and services to Constellation and Subs personnel for the possibility of starting to do business with or of becoming a supplier to Constellation and Subs.

This process is NOT to be used by Large Businesses.

There are no guarantees or assurances that by following the below process, any company will become a supplier to Constellation or Subs.

In situations when a prospective supplier does not have an existing or specific contact at Constellation and Subs, then the prospective supplier should;

    1. Use as the Initial Point-of-Contact (Initial Contact):

      Raymond Suennen - Governmental Contract Compliance Coordinator
      1716 Lawrence Drive
      De Pere, WI 54115

      Fax: 920-617-6070
      Phone: 920-617-6147

    2. Send an email to the Initial Contact introducing yourself and your company. In the email, identify that your company is a Small Business based on the Small Business Administration's NAICS classification code; (Federal law imposes penalties for misrepresentations). Also identify if your company qualifies as one or more of the following:

      • Small Disadvantaged Business
      • Women-Owned Small Business
      • Veteran-Owned Small Business
      • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
      • HUBZone Small Business Concern
    3. Attach to the email, a brochure identifying some of your company's capabilities and products/services.

Upon receipt of the email with brochure, the Initial Contact will:

  1. Review the information. NOTE: If your company size is not identified or if you company is a Large Business, no action will be taken.

  2. If you company is a Small Business, the Initial Contact will:

    • Determine who within Constellation and Subs may have a use for the products or services.
    • Forward the information to the appropriate procurement personnel within Constellation and Subs and request a response and a comment.
    • Send a return email to the prospective supplier indicating that the information has been received and forwarded to the appropriate procurement personnel.

As the Initial Contact becomes aware of possible opportunities for the outsourcing of products and services, potential Small Business suppliers' information will be reviewed for appropriate matches to the business needs.

In situations when a prospective supplier has an existing or specific procurement contact at Constellation and Subs, then the prospective supplier should work directly with that procurement contact.

After a purchasing agreement has been completed the prospective/new vendor needs to:

DISCLAIMER: Nothing stated or implied herein provides any guarantees or assurances that a business concern will become a supplier to Constellation or any of its subsidiaries. Submission of the Business Size/Type Classification Form does not constitute approval of your firm as a Constellation Supplier nor obligate Constellation to solicit request for quotation.